Wednesday, 12 April 2017

14 months have passed and my twin babies 👦👧 is now 14 months old! Cry yet happy at the same time. And at last I have the time to start blogging.

Friends who have just given birth recently or currently pregnant always ask me which items I bought is the most useful and which is not. Generally they still playing with their toys when I bought it several months back. They don't really get bored of playing their toys for 14 months since they don't have alot of toy. About less than a box for them. They get some new toys now and then (especially during Christmas & their birthdays), but I keep their toys to a box.

But for the expensive "entertainment", if you do not want to buy a few to trial & error. Below is my suggestion. 👩

Most useful :- Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

I bought it when my twins was almost 5 months old. At first I'm quite skeptical about it, afterall my twins rejected the worst buy (as below). It cost more than SGD200 in Singapore, and even you buy 2nd hand, it will cost you SGD50 to SGD100, depending on the condition. I got mine directly from Amazon which cost me USD68.88 (not the lowest price sold in Amazon though) with free international shipping.

My baby girl doesn't really enjoy it. She can sit in it for 15 mins, trying to grab the hanging toys while the music plays. She likes the spinning lizard that makes rattling sounds the most. As for my baby boy, he absolutely loves it. He can spends 30 mins jumping and playing with it. Even his sis is in the jumperoo, he can play it outside. Of course this will piss off his sis as she prefers to play it alone.

Miraculously, they enjoy it until they almost a year old. As now they can almost walk, they prefer exploring rather than confine in an area. My mum finds the jumperoo useful, hence shrink-wrap it for my younger sis future baby (She is not pregnant yet).

I got it as a gift when my twins are 3 months old. They are still adapting to the outside world and sadly "inside world (my womb) is a much cozier place. So they cried and fuss quite frequently. My sis in law used a rocker for her daughter when she was a baby (now she is 7 years old) and found that it is pretty useful. NOT FOR MY BABIES! 

They cried once I put them in! On good days, they will play with the dangling toy while listening to the music for 5 mins or so. Then they start to fuss. So need not to mention about the bad days. When they able to crawl, they still don't enjoy the rocker because they keep crawling out! Perhaps there are some babies who is calm enough to lie on the rocker and slowly drift to sleep, but that is not my baby.

My mum (who loves to clear my stuffs) saw the rocker is collecting dust at different place at my house, shrink-wrap it and put it in my store room. Several weeks later it is donated to my aunt's friend and hopefully the rocker serve her well.

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