Sunday, 16 April 2017

Flying with twins using Krisflyer miles

My last holiday is almost 1.5 years ago! Before having the twins, I will travel every 3 to 4 months. Relaxing, and not working. Having the twins is really a major project which I have seriously work my butt off 24/7! 😓

Hence when the twins are 7 months old (back in 2016), we decided to go for a vacation this year. We thought they will be 14 months old, so should be quite ok to take plane. BUT when the time comes nearer (we will be flying tomorrow actually!), we start panicking especially my husband is not really good with the twins. And I definitely cannot look after both during the flight. So let's just pray! 🙏

We will be going to Hakone (3 days) and Tokyo (4 days) and the flight is fully redeem using Krisflyer! Yeah! Free flights for us, and 10% of the full fare for each of the twins. In total we paid SGD314 for the whole family. For those we is unfamiliar with claiming Krisflyer, below is how we go about it.

First we got The American Express® Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend Credit Card but there is an annual fee SGD337.05 which is absolutely not waive-able. You do get several freebies like bonus Krisflyer miles, Complimentary night with Millennium Hotels and Resorts, Complimentary Lounge Access, etc. Japan trip needs 40K miles for a return Economy flight.

Second, after we got enough Krisflyer miles, we log on and redeem the flight. However you cannot redeem infant (less than 2 years old) air tickets. We claimed two adults flight as per normal and called the hotline to add in 2 more infant air tickets. However I have difficulty communicating with the customer service regarding the seats. So I asked him to seemly add in the infant air tickets and I will manage it using the website.

Third, all is good and I quickly log in to secure 2 bassinet seats! Well, at least to Tokyo I manage to secure them. But for the return trip, sadly there is none. I have also place post weaning meals for my twins, and hopefully I will get post weaning meals instead of infant baby jars.

Lastly, we wait for our vacation which will be tomorrow! Read alot of reviews that Singapore Airline is excellent with babies, even crying ones. Hopefully I will experience an enjoyable flight with them! *cross fingers*


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