Tuesday, 2 May 2017

REVIEW: Hakonenomori Okada

We stayed at Hakonenomori Okada / hakone no mori-okada in Hakone and have paid SGD361 for 3D2N in japanese style room. This is consider cheap in Hakone as the hotel in Hakone can be easily SGD300 per night. 

*Above is the living / sleeping area

Location is near to Hakone Yumoto Station. About 15 mins drive or less.

The room is very big. We have a living / sleeping area, a small hall, 2 toilets (1 for toilet, another for bathing) and a "drying area" outside the bathing toilet. In the bathing toilet, there is an area for you to shower and another area for bath tub too! 

Beside the ryokan, there is a hot spring spa. I didn't visit it but the photos look very nice.

The furniture is quite dusty. You can see white dusts at the gaps of the furnitures.

The futon is also very thin. The blankets are square in size and the futons are rectangular. It just seem funny to me.

The receptionist does not speak proper english. So you need to be very patient when communicating with them.

Conclusion: If you looking for a family Japanese room (big and roomy) with reasonable price, this is definitely the ryokan you should book. But if you looking for something more fancy, perhaps this will not be the one for you.

*Enjoying the mountain view early in the morning

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