Monday, 1 May 2017

Surviving 7 hour flight

We are back from Japan and we survive the 7 hour flight to & fro! 

To Japan, we have book 2 bassinets seats so it is quite roomly for us. However there is a man seated in between us. SQ air stewardess tried to relocate him to another seats few rows behind us but the man rejected. He said he needs room for his legs to rest 😏 Anyway when the plane is going off soon, there is extra space (under premium seat) which have ample leg space. The SQ air stewardess quickly offer to the man between us, and thanks god, he took it. Baby D woke up just before the plane going off and baby E just slept thru the take off. However they woke up every an hr or two, not sure because they not used of not being on their bed. And I have to coo them to sleep. They refused to sleep in their bassinets nor they want their dad to carry them. Oh well, no sleep for me. Surprisingly SQ still served their post weaning meal but either one is sleep or not interested to eat at the middle of the night. So I just eat everything since they only serve sandwiches to us. 

Back from Japan, we were seated on normal seats near to the window. A very patient "doctor" was seated on the aisle seat. When he saw the twins, he just plug in the ear pieces. Oh well, there is a toddler just behind us as well. The twins were much more active during the afternoon flight. Of course their dad is cursing & swearing now and then. They eat their post weaning meals (which I find is more delicious than mine), try to use the touch screen, fidget on the control and of course fuss and sleep.

Personally I find their behaviour is quite manageable, even though I'm really tired as I didn't sleep much. It is our first family flight and we survived!

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